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Select a service and connect
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How It Works

GetMyRx is the nation's leading pharmacy-on-demand platform. We enable patients to receive premium services from top-rated local pharmacies at no extra charge.

GetMyRx partners with hundreds of leading independent pharmacies currently serving over 3,000 zip codes across in the United States.

Same Day Delivery
Don’t feel like stepping out of the house? Your medications can be delivered to you, typically on the same day.

Express Store Pick Up
Want to skip the line at the pharmacy? Walk in and out of the store in less than a minute and save time.

Consult a Pharmacist
Have questions about your medications? Our partner pharmacies will provide all the answers you need.

You may choose amongst hundreds of local independent pharmacies serving over 3,000 locations across the U.S. We enroll new pharmacies each day and plan to have enough stores to serve every zip code in the US by late 2016.

Not seeing your favorite pharmacy? Write us at and we’ll send you a $50 Amazon Gift Card when the pharmacy joins our network.

Yes. Our partner pharmacies accept Medicare and all major insurance plans. This means your current copay will remain unchanged. It’s Easy. Fast. Free.

We understand you may be having a busy week that prevents you from getting your prescription at the pharmacy. Or you may not be feeling well and would rather skip the trip to the drugstore. Whatever the reason, just follow this simple process;

  1. Select the pharmacy in the GetMyRx website and place your order.
  2. The pharmacy calls you within 5 minutes to confirm copay and delivery time.
  3. A specially trained courier will bring your medications in a discreet packaging.

There are No hidden fees. No tipping required. It’s Easy. Fast. Free.

Why waste time at the pharmacy, waiting in line to drop off or pick up a prescription? We designed a solution that eliminates the wait, here are the steps;

  1. Select the pharmacy in the GetMyRx website and place your order.
  2. The pharmacy calls you within 5 minutes to confirm copay and pick up time.
  3. Go to the pharmacy, walk straight to the front of the line and mention GetMyRx.

Express pick up helps you save time. No waiting in line. It’s Easy. Fast. Free.

Having questions about a new medication? Worried about potential drug interactions? You can consult with a top-rated pharmacy in minutes;

  1. Select the pharmacy in the GetMyRx website and place your order.
  2. The pharmacy calls you at the time and phone number you specified.
  3. Get all the answers you need from an experienced pharmacist.

Consulting a pharmacist helps you manage your medications and stay healthy. It’s Easy. Fast. Free.

GetMyRx allows you to discover some of the best pharmacies in your city and get the best service from the comfort of your home. You can save time and eliminate the wait at the drugstore. You will interact with pharmacy staff who are professional, friendly, trustworthy and devoted to customer service. GetMyRx provides you all these benefits at no extra cost. It’s Easy. Fast. Free

GetMyRx has been connecting patients with local pharmacies since 2014, achieving very high levels of customer satisfaction. Our partner pharmacies are experienced and accredited in their state. In order to join our network, pharmacies undergo a screening process and sign multiple agreements with GetMyRx that protect your privacy. We continuously monitor our partner pharmacies’ ratings to ensure they provide a great experience for patients like you

Yes. Every time you use GetMyRx, you interact with an independent – often family-owned – pharmacy that operates just blocks away from your home. For those of you who like numbers, we can put it this way – every $1 you spend on an independent pharmacy can generate up to 60% more additional local business activity, as compared to $1 you spend on a national chain. GetMyRx enables you to have a positive social impact while simplifying your life.

All services provided are 100% free of charge. Simply pay the regular medication price or copay to the pharmacy and experience a new level of service. It’s Easy. Fast. Free.

The pharmacy will contact you shortly after receiving your order to confirm your copay. You can give your credit card details directly to the pharmacy over the phone.

It’s pretty straightforward – we provide a valuable solution to a network of pharmacies for which they pay us a monthly fee. We create value by bringing new customers and streamlining the workflow for each of our partner pharmacies.

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